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Because of Failures, Durom Implants Recalled

For many Americans getting older, it can be surprising how different it feels to get out of bed every day. Each day starts with some new ache and pain, and a lot of old ones. But for some of us, certain aches aren’t just the ravages of time to be lived with, but instead indicate the more series problem of joint damage. Our joints are strong, but were not designed for 60 or 70 years of active use.

If you’ve ever had joint pain bad enough for the need or a replacement, you know how difficult it can be to have so much pain that even walking within your own home can become impossible. This is why artificial replacements for knee and hip joints were invented. If you have had a hip replaced, keep reading for more information on the Durom implant recall.

A hip replacement, like the Durom implant, can greatly improve quality of life for many patients. A patient who could not walk or care for themselves due to extreme pain will be able to take part in many of the activities that they have long enjoyed. The biggest drawback to a hip replacement is their limited lifespan. Due to the nature of their task and the stress put upon them, they tend to fail and need replacement themselves within ten years. For a patient in their 70’s, this is less of a concern, but for an active younger patient, perhaps in their 50’s, this ensures the prospect of at least one future surgery, if not two.

This is the reason that the Durom implant was invented, and how it was sold to doctors as the right solution for their patients. A standard hip replacement will begin to wear and need replacement itself within ten years. This means that for a younger patient, they could need as many as three surgeries, and their replacements themselves need replacement. This is a huge burden for a patient to face. The Durom implant was designed to be longer lasting, so that instead of needing to be replaced, it could continue to function for a much longer period, avoiding the need for further surgery, and making it a good solution for younger patients.

Unfortunately for patients who have received a Durom implant, this promise has not held true. At a clinic where the implants were used, an astoundingly high twelve percent of patients needed their replacements removed and replaced in under two years. This is a much shorter time span than the traditional replacement, and is no where near the claims made by the Zimmer Durom company. While the company denounced the high rate as surgeon error, in their own studies done under ideal conditions, the replacements failed seven percent of the time, which is still an amazingly high number.

If you or a loved on received a hip replacement before June of 2008, it is time to contact your doctor to see if it was a Durom implant. If so, you may be able to join a class action lawsuit against the company.

zimmerhiplawsuits Because of Failures, Durom Implants Recalled
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